Why SIS Panels?

The SIS Panels fabrication system is smart, flexible and efficient.  Computer modelling ensures every factory-built structural insulated sheathing or component meets or exceeds traditional

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We have available to you, an overview of the extensive property and assembly testing done on SIS Panels / ROK-ON™ products and systems.  All of the testing was done in accordance to

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Attention contractors, homebuilders and architects, we would love to have a chat with you! We want to help you with your next new home, commercial, residential or multifamily project. Please

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Our Products

basement system

This structural insulated sheathing is specifically designed for basements with an additional waterproof skin. This is attached to a structural steel frame to create pre-manufactured wall assemblies that are simply lifted into place. This structural insulated sheathing is noncombustible, will not rot, will not support mold or mildew, and is bug proof. The skin is combined with EPS foam to create a basement structural insulated sheathing that when attached with a steel frame creates a superior insulated foundation. 

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SIS ROK-ON™ fiberglass reinforced ceramic cement sheathing is laminated to EPS foam to create a thin structural insulated sheathing that is attached directly to framing as the exterior insulated sheathing. The result is  high-performance, lower cost solution for exterior walls that exceeds the North American building code for energy and fire performance. The benefits of this sheathing is outstanding and is changing the way buildings are built. Faster, Better and Easier. Read more
green logo ROK-ON™ Fiberglass Reinforced Ceramic Cement Board (FRCC) is designed as a structural Magnesium Oxide Cement sheathing that has outstanding performance. Unlike OSB, ROK-ON™ FRCC is fire resistant, won’t support mold or mildew, is water resistant, bug-proof, freeze/thaw, and impact resistant. ROK-ON™ FRCC can be used as structural sheathing, tile underlayment, fascia, for soffits, rot resistant trim or window casings, and for fire walls.   Read more  
rain screen Rainscreens are very important in certain areas where there is more moisture and rain fall. Moisture management is being code mandated, thus increasing the use of rainscreen assemblies in walls. ROK-ON™ Rainscreen assembly (with battens) compartmentalizes and can prevent the lateral spread of a fire.   Read more  

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